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Matthew Lindgren | LookUp Page

February 14, 2012

The founder and CEO of Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc., Matthew Lindgren helps Bay Area individuals and families to improve their mental health and their lives. Lindgren’s practice treats children and adults of all ages, as well as couples. Individuals who have witnessed or experienced violent crime can contact Blackbird Family Therapy to learn more about receiving treatment free of charge. Past clients have praised Matthew Lindgren as a “fantastic therapist” with excellent listening abilities.

Matthew Lindgren founded Blackbird Family Therapy in 2009, after several years working for San Francisco-area nonprofits. The community mental health agency works closely with the California Victim Compensation Program to provide services to survivors of violent crimes. Lindgren has extensive experience treating people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and he has educated other therapists on evolving methods that have been effective with both adults and children. These methods can be helpful for survivors of severe auto accidents, medical emergencies, childhood abuse, and other traumatic life events or situations, in addition to those who have experienced violence or war.

This experience with treating survivors of severe trauma enables Matthew Lindgren to assist many individuals and families. In his private practice, Lindgren combines these skills with the methods of Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson to treat couples. In addition to addressing surface issues in a relationship, Matthew Lindgren can help to heal past wounds that cause current stresses. His motto is “Integrity. Safety. Trust.” He creates an environment where couples can feel safe with their therapist and with each other, so that they can recapture the early days of their relationships. 

Matthew Lindgren | LookUp Page

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