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May 21, 2012

Based in Oakland, California, Matthew Lindgren serves as Chief Executive Officer at Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc., a community mental health agency that aims to create social change by promoting mental health training, research, and education, as well as by providing quality mental health care. As a clinician at Blackbird Family Therapy, Mr. Lindgren works with individuals who have undergone life-threatening situations. Many of them experience panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, child behavioral problems, phobias, and reactive attachment disorder.

At Blackbird Family Therapy, Matthew Lindgren plays a key role in furthering the organization’s goals, characterized by the phrases “Learning by Doing,” “Growing by Loving,” and “Knowing by Feeling.” In regards to the first statement, Matthew Lindgren and his fellow clinicians believe that therapy happens in both the mind and body and that learning to do things differently can produce long-term positive changes. Mr. Lindgren also believes in the power of “Growing by Loving” or the importance of self-acceptance and the ability to welcome the love of others as a way to work through issues and heal. Finally, he and his fellow clinicians believe in helping patients to reconnect with their gut feelings and intuition as key tools in decision making.

Matthew Lindgren and the other therapists at Blackbird Family Therapy offer a number of educational and therapeutic classes. The classes include “Hope and Healing,” a 12-week course for Oakland-area women recovering from sexual assault, and a workshop for clinicians on the subject of vicarious trauma. Through these courses, Mr. Lindgren and the other members of Blackbird Family Therapy are able to help the general public and mental health care professionals. In addition, Blackbird Family Therapy provides free therapy services to people who have experienced violent crimes.

bigsight page

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